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Birthdate:Mar 25
Location:Austin, Texas, United States of America
Hey there. Not to be self-deprecating but you may very well have meant to be somewhere else.

Still here? Okay. I'm a mid late-forties recovering workaholic living a largely fulfilled life in Austin, Texas and occasionally writing about baseball, books, music, things fannish, my generally delightful son, the joys and perils of my interfaith marriage, and the stressors of juggling my various roles. I think it's a pretty sweet life but it may make for a somewhat boring read. I am totally okay with that.

If I've friended you I probably found something insightful, moving, or fun in your journal (or you write great SG-1Iron ManLeverage Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Eames/Arthur fic.) Friend or Unfriend at will - it's not middle school, folks.

I find this map to be a little sad. I promise that I harbor no ill will toward the north central bits of the country. Now with bonus CANADA!

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